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Pee is definitely not a filthy and poisonous substance dismissed by the body. It is a cleansed subsidiary of the actual blood, made by the kidneys. Pee can measure up to extras from a dinner, which might assist us with understanding the reason why our bodies discharge important components.

Pee is viewed as a significant wellspring of sustenance and mending. Pee contains components that are intended for a solitary’s body. At the point when re-used, these synthetic substances and supplements go about as normal immunizations, antibacterial, antiviral and hostile to cancer-causing specialists as well as chemical balancers and sensitivity relievers.

Malignant growth cells discharge different antigens, some of which show up in the pee. Oral auto-urotherapy is recommended as another therapy methodology for disease patients. Urea disturbs the capacity of disease cells to assemble and kills them by disturbing their ordinary metabolic exercises. Pee is definitely not a harmful material item and this has been experimentally demonstrated. 95% of pee is water, 2.5% comprises of urea and the rest is a combination of minerals, salt, chemicals and compounds.

Uropathy is a recuperating methodology that enacts the lymphatic framework which detoxifies the body and starts the genuine course of mending and recovering the body. When you come out as comfortable with UROPATHY and begin utilizing your pee, you will actually want to forestall and turn around the circumstances that make you defenseless to a wide range of medical conditions. Self-pee is the most demonstrated, least difficult and practically obscure normal fix in presence. Oral drops of new pee can be put straightforwardly under the tongue. Taken inside, it has a purgative and diuretic impact, as it scrubs the intestinal system.

Dr. John Armstrong suggests kneading your body with your own pee. The smell of alkali in old pee isn’t poisonous yet really helpful whenever utilized topically as it were. Pee is ingested through the skin and the hormonal and protein-based contents are gradually reabsorbed into the framework. Drinking a couple of drops of “pee treatment” is OK, however bit by bit increment the portion depending on the situation for your condition. Pee treatment is utilized in instances of AIDS, malignant growth, weariness, frailty, weight reduction, diabetes, jaundice, and numerous different illnesses.

The Golden Fountain is the most incredibly complete book to date on pee treatment. Coen van der Kroon’s book incorporates definite case narratives and an easy to understand manual for its application. Involves pee as medication in numerous clinical practices of individuals or clans who are in close contact with nature. Pee contains numerous dynamic fixings which reinforce the safe framework. It is utilized in the production of chemicals, diuretics, and malignant growth battling drugs.

As a medication, it very well may be utilized as a concentrate, infused, topically and in oral applications. The most powerful claim for attempting pee treatment was its treatment of HIV/AIDS. Dr. Martha Christy suggests getting going with only a couple of drops, applied topically to the skin. Pee is useful for skin inflammation, dermatitis, ringworm, bruises, parasitic contaminations, bug chomps, wounds, consumes, scraped spots, and even gangrene.

It is for the most part not prescribed to consolidate pee treatment with the utilization of (recommended) substance, allopathic medications or sporting medications. Assuming you are taking any type of allopathic medication, start with the outside application (pee rub) until you are liberated from all drug, if conceivable.