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Maturity is often associated with setbacks and with trauma. Every setback is a test that tests your patience and tortures your mind. Every kind of trauma is a kind of maturity, just in different depths. It is difficult and painful for a person to go from naive and naive to mature and stable. Tagore said: “There is no way to reach the light except the road through the night.”

Maturity is a state
People always have to learn to grow up slowly. Every footprint in your growth records the scale of your growth. The breadth of experience, the thickness of experience, the depth of vicissitudes, and the height of comprehension determine the degree of maturity.
Maturity is not a matter of three or two days. It takes time and the precipitation of personal experience to change thoughts and concepts. In the cross-current of the sea, “practice the mind”, the matter is the “realm”, and the mind is the “normal mind”. In the experience, people’s xinxing is improved, and people’s minds are tempered, so that the pace on the road of life will be more stable, more calm, and more certain.
Maturity is a bright and not dazzling mirror
Maturity is not about not making mistakes, but about being able to introspect. Introspection is a process of self-knowledge and self-education, and it is a great asset in life. Growth is a continuous learning process, learning how to behave and how to think about problems. People have to look in the mirror every day. Only by standing in front of the mirror can people truly see themselves clearly, discover shortcomings, and avoid weaknesses. Reflect the brilliance of the body through the mirror, sum up experience in success, and learn from failure. A person who is diligent in thinking, loves reading, and is good at introspection must have a higher self in him. This kind of self is bright without being dazzling, gorgeous without being impetuous, upright without being flamboyant. Complex yet simple, rich yet aggressive, calm yet optimistic. This kind of maturity cannot be pretended, and pretending to be mature is a naive idea, which will only make people appear more shallow. Teenagers are often young and frivolous, like the sun in the sky, where it shines wherever it goes, and they get carried away because it is too dazzling. Maturity is not arrogance, nor is it humble and humble, it is composed and thrifty.
Maturity is the wisdom of contentment, lack of knowledge, and dissatisfaction
Contentment is the weather vane of the happy; lack of knowledge is the cobblestone of introspection; dissatisfaction is the stepping stone of success. Life is like an endless river, it lies in the constant exploration and pursuit, bypassing obstacles, and enjoying the scenery along the way. The point of exploration is not to discover new continents, but to cultivate new perspectives. Although the scenery along the way is good, it can only be left in memory, and you have to forget it as you walk, so you must learn to be content and not greedy for the scenery along the way. When you come to the corner, you must have the belief that “the mountains and rivers are full of doubts, and there is another village with flowers on the banks of the willows”, find out your own shortcomings, change your thinking, change your concepts, and correct your shortcomings. When walking to a water-poor place, learn to stop and “sit and watch the clouds rise” and appreciate the harmony and balance of nature. A mature person will not stare at the past or be disappointed in the future. He will grasp the present seriously with faith and gratitude. Because the road is under your feet, and hope is ahead.

Maturity is a kind of calmness to do something and not to do something
Maturity is not just a promise, it is not the spirit of Ah Q, it is a state of adhering to one’s own nature and not going with the flow. Maturity is a kind of calmness in case of troubles – not chaotic, and rational – not chaotic. It is a kind of philosophical calmness that is not humiliated and unintentional, and it is a moderate choice of “the general rushes on the road, not chasing the hare”. In the face of smears, he will not hate it, nor will he absorb it like a sponge, he will let the smudges flow away automatically like glass; in the face of compliments, he will not be arrogant, and he will be as high as a white cloud. Be grateful and work hard. Maturity makes people understand the value of life and the meaning of responsibility. Begin to pay attention to health, cherish family, and cultivate friendship. Treat life, work, family and friends with a sense of responsibility.
Maturity is a kind of calmness that never changes
Maturity is not about getting old in heart, but about being able to keep smiling even when it hurts to the extreme. To be mature means to be patient, to be calm in the face of unreasonable troubles, to be calm and steady in the face of emergencies, and to be calm in the face of big and small matters. Mature people will not get carried away in good times; they will not be disappointed and deformed in adversity. In front of Mount Tai, it does not collapse in color, and in front of joy and sorrow, it does not appear on the surface. Gain calmly, lose indifferently, strive for its inevitability, and let it flow naturally. He will not only have enough courage to bear the pressure of the outside world, but also will have enough sobriety to face all kinds of opportunities and temptations. The fundamental meaning of life does not lie in the worldly honors and disgrace, success or failure, gain or loss, but in a healthy state of mind of not worrying about the loss of everything in the world and unhappy with the gain, to achieve a state of indifference and comfort in which the shock remains unchanged and the change does not change.
Maturity is an open mind
Maturity is a kind of tolerance that “the dense bamboo can’t flow through, and the high mountain can’t prevent the white clouds from flying”. Interact with different people and feel at ease in any environment. You will not feel humble when you are with the noble, because you are confident; you will not be arrogant when you gossip with the farmer, because you are humble. Mature does not need to be observant of others, nor to lament and complain to the surrounding. Life needs a tolerance, and tolerance can make us more calm and calm, peaceful and elegant than looking up to life. Life also needs a grateful heart. A grateful life is more free and easy than complaining about life, living a happy and fulfilling life. Tolerance is not only a kind of maturity, but also wisdom. Voltaire said, “All of us have faults and mistakes, let us forgive each other for each other’s stupidity, this is the first law of nature”. As the writer Zhou Guoping said: “There is something more important in life than success and happiness, that is, the mind that overrides all success or failure.”
Maturity is a kind of tranquility after the lead dust has been washed away, the prosperity has faded, and the complex has been simplified.
Maturity is a kind of indifference that has washed away extremes, it is tea that has filtered impetuousness; Maturity is a smile that does not need to pay attention to the noise, it is a flower blooming in the dust; Maturity is a kind of silent thick, it is a needless The mountain that explains the height is the sea that does not need to explain the thickness. Mature, but not worldly, still maintain a childlike innocence. Successful, but not vain, still maintain a normal heart. From simplicity to complexity, and then back to mature simplicity; from chaos to sobriety, and then back to sober chaos; from cleverness to wisdom, and back to great wisdom. Maturity needs to grow in the precipitation of years. Maturity is related to age, experience, and setbacks, but it is not proportional. Time can plow a “furrow” in a person’s face, but it does not represent evidence of maturity. Maturity requires a person’s independent thinking ability and frequent self-reflection. Because a person’s understanding is different, so the degree of maturity is different. Some “old urchins” in life are not immature, because the more people want to grow up, the more they will find that the space above their heads is getting smaller and smaller, and the turbidity is getting clearer and clearer. This kind of maturity is simplicity after simplicity. A mature person is not without dust in his heart, but he will gently brush the dust away. Mature people do not have ups and downs in their emotions, and life does not worry about gains and losses. His heart is peaceful and peaceful.
The highest state of maturity is a state of mind like water!
“Water is the source of life. Water is a collection of wisdom, such as tolerance, calmness, penetration, coverage, movement, choice, and enterprising. “The wise man is happy with water” because water has the indomitable toughness and the spirituality of being flexible. Life is like a river, it always flows bumps and turns, twists and turns, and it always takes eighteen turns to reach its destination. So, setbacks are the norm in life! In the face of setbacks, if you can maintain a mature state of mind, your life will be less shallow and more heavy. “The state of mind is like water”, this kind of maturity is a kind of spiritual ascension. Only when your mind stands high enough can you see far enough. This kind of height is not high above, it is a kind of height of the mind. It is a height that can see farther without being steep.