QuickWriter.com Review: 9/10 - Essay Writing Service Review

QuickWriter.com is a writing service in a league of its own. It might be a bit pricey, but where it stands out from the competition is in the quick, high-quality writing solutions (hence the name).

Their team is made up of the industry’s most accomplished experts the website often refers to as “the top 2% writers.” They are native English speakers who can deliver projects of varying complexity, and are terribly good with tight deadlines (the minimum turnaround time is 3 hours).

With almost 10 years in the business, QuickWriter may not be the cheapest example on the market. Still, the service ticks all the boxes, catering to students’ needs in a way similar agencies don’t.

Thanks to the pool of carefully selected and vetted experts, QuickWriter offers different types of premium-quality academic projects. Every paper is written from scratch, and follows whatever instructions a customer sets. The complimentary services like free revisions provide extra value.

The range of original papers you may order here include among others: essays, dissertations, research papers, theses, term papers, resumes, newspaper articles, business plans, website content, and many more. Editing and proofreading are also part of this service.

Reputation & Reviews

I came across QuickWriter through a Google search. Before trying this service out, however, I decided to check out TrustPilot and sitejabber (those were the first reviews platforms that came to mind).

While a search through TrustPilot returned no results (perhaps, I should be the one to submit their first QuickWriter.com review), a search through sitejabber yielded 7 reviews.

All of the QuickWriter.com reviews here keep with the same theme: excellentawesome, etc. But the review I remember the most is where a student was asked to come up with the sketches of zombies and think up their descriptions. That zombie thing was something that got me hooked. I thought, “What an odd and creepy task, but if a service can handle an assignment like that, then it’s looking good.” I also noticed that someone on the team actually responded to the reviews submitted. Now, that’s saying something, isn’t it?

It also looked like the website’s design had gotten a makeover.

Speaking of the website, the new design pleases the eye and looks futuristic, probably because of the fancy fonts and colors, and a little animation. The site is easy to navigate.


Is QuickWriter.com a safe place to order papers from? To try to answer this question – I went through the service’s Terms & Conditions. (Normally, I don’t do that but this time, I wanted to dig deeper because it’s the first time I’ve hired a service like this.) While it is quite a long read, you can get a general idea of what you can expect. So when I got to the end, I realized what exactly the service has to offer, how it works, and, more importantly, what guarantees it provides to the customer.

First, there is a money-back guarantee. This option is different here in that it is 60 days, and not 30.

A customer is entitled to a full refund on several occasions: if a paper is late and/or hasn’t been sent, or in the unlikely case of plagiarism. A client may be eligible for a 50% refund if, let’s say, they changed their mind halfway through (though I am wondering why anyone would do that). In the unlikely event of bad grammar and punctuation, you are entitled to a refund of up to 30%. I want to believe that none of these options are popular, simply because this company employs the best academic talent in the world. Yet, all of these options are present, as they should be when it comes to any decent service, so it’s a big plus point.

Free revisions are also available, and the policy around them is not very much different from those of similar services. What’s different here is that you get 10 days, and not 7. The only ‘problem’ I might have with free revisions is that you cannot add new instructions once an order has been placed. I have to assume that this ‘restriction’ must be there for a reason. So stating the purpose of your paper clearly right from the start would be the best thing to do. I didn’t have to request revisions, as my book review turned out to be exactly how I envisioned it, but if I thought it still lacked something, I probably would.

Sign-Up Process

Before I got to enjoy this writing service, I registered with the site. The sign-up process is simple, and doesn’t take long, so there’s no need to go into much detail. Oh, one more thing: it seems that the website has a strong encrypted connection that keeps all your personal info safe. The stamp in the upper right corner suggests just that.

Types of Services

Basically, there are 3 main options to choose from: writing, editing, and proofreading. An option entitled “Other” will be discussed further down the text.

The information presented in my QuickWriter.com review relates, first and foremost, to the writing service, as it’s the one I used.

Ordering Process

They don’t list every type of paper they do across the website pages. However, once you get to the project type drop-down menu in the order form, you will understand the scope of tasks they can do. The list is impressive!

QuickWriter covers a broad range of papers, catering to school, college, and even Master’s students. These projects include:

  • Essays (incl. admission, application, entrance, IB extended, and scholarship essays)
  • Research papers and proposals
  • Term papers
  • Coursework
  • Case studies
  • Speeches
  • Dissertations (all chapters, or individual ones like abstract, conclusion, etc.)
  • Theses
  • PowerPoint presentations (with or w/o speaker notes)
  • Annotated bibliographies
  • Article critique and reviews
  • Assessments
  • Biographies
  • Book reviews (it’s the one I ordered for my Psychology class)
  • Business plans and proposals
  • BVC model answers
  • Capstone projects
  • Lab reports
  • Literature and movie reviews
  • Marketing plans
  • Multiple choice questions
  • PhD model answers
  • Poems
  • Questionnaires
  • Problem solving
  • Short stories
  • Speeches
  • SWOT analysis
  • Web content
  • Other (whatever that’s not listed)

As you can see, the list goes on and on.

The order form has 4 steps. In each of them, you are asked to present the kind of information crucial to your project and/or order. This information includes:

1. Personal data;

2. Key details of your paper;

3. Instructions;

4. Review & confirmation.

I filled out the form in less than 5 minutes, and here’s what surprised me the most. During step 2, for instance, when sharing the key details of your paper, you have an option of choosing a specific writer for your project, which is quite amazing considering that similar services don’t offer an option like that. There are no expert profiles here, but if you are an international student and want a fluent speaker for your project, then all you need to do is swipe the toggle along to the right, and tap on Fluent Speaker.

As you can see from the screenshot below, the Native Speaker option is set by default.

Oh, in step 2, you can also set your deadline.

Step 3 deals with the technical side of your paper, including the desired title of your project, line spacing, page count, formatting style, and the number of sources you want used in your project.

Under Formating & citation style, and Sources, there’s a field for project details. They can also be uploaded as a file at a later period of time, which is very convenient knowing that your teacher may step in later, and share his or her vision of your project.

The final step allows you to assign one of their top 2% experts for your paper. To pick this option, just tick the box below the order summary.

As you may have noticed from the screenshot above, there is no additional information on some of the services in the order form (though step 4 does state that there’s a 60-day money-back guarantee).

For example, the only mention of a free plagiarism report can be found in the Pricing section of the website. (According to the homepage, every paper is checked for plagiarism twice.) Yet, there’s no corresponding box to tick in the order form. Moreover, for some reason, I assumed that the plagiarism report would be supplied with my paper by default. I mean, a new customer, like I was at the time, would want additional proof that the content is original, right? Anyway, to request it, I contacted the support team. Please read on for my personal experiences with the Customer Support Team (which were good).

To sum things up: while some of you might think that their order form is a bit too heavy on details to fill in, all the fields are there for a reason, and they (as well as the information they prompt you to share) are instrumental in bringing you the paper you want.

The order form looks well-structured, and the system makes sure that you’ve entered all the important details before taking you to the next step.

Pricing & Payment

The lowest prices here are as follows:

Writing: $5.85 per 100 words;

Editing: $3.90 per 100 words;

Proofreading: $3.32 per 100 words.

The prices for papers that do not easily fall into one of the three categories (writing, editing, and proofreading) are calculated individually. Such papers may constitute ‘unconventional’ projects like quizzes, experiments, etc. The price of each such project probably depends on its complexity and “rareness.” According to the site, a person who wants a project within this “Other” category will get a personal quote. I haven’t tried this option, so can’t tell you anything about it beyond what I’ve just said.

I found the “price per word” policy a bit unusual when I first saw it (I always thought that it was much easier to count pages rather than words). But then I relaxed when I realized that they have a kind of converter built-in into the order form.

Once I filled in all the fields, I learned that at 3 pages long, with double spacing, one source to be used, and a 3-day deadline to beat, the price of my book review would be a little under $100.

At first, I was a little bit discouraged by the relatively high cost of my paper, but once I received the final document, I immediately knew that the price was well worth it.

Speaking of payment solutions, you can check out with more than a few, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Visa, MasterСard, etc. As I’m an iPhone person, I paid through Apple Pay (I have an iPhone 12). In case you’re wondering, Apple Pay works just as fine with the older models of the iPhone.

Paper Quality

Like with every other new service, both writing and not, I was a bit apprehensive when placing my first order, mostly because the price is higher than other original papers on the market (as far as my personal research goes anyway).

Since I’m the kind of guy that hates asking for refunds and all the messing around that comes with it, and because there would be little consolation that I would have my money back if I didn’t like the outcome, I really wanted my paper to be good from the get-go. And not just good, but as good (or should I say top-notch?) as their website claims all their projects are. So I thought my paper had better be THAT or I’d be disappointed.

QuickWriter exceeded my expectations and brought me one of the best book reviews I’ve ever read. (The book in question is David Hawkins’ Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender.)

And while I thought it would be impossible to summarize an almost 400-page book onto a 3-page paper, the expert who worked on it did his job extremely well. My teacher (who frequently says he has read the book more times than he can remember) would have noticed had my writer not read the book, and my expert surely has. Mind you, it’s quite a long read that usually requires multiple readings, so it was quite a feat considering a 3-day deadline. The minimum turnaround time, by the way, is 3 hours!!!

Well, what can I say? I’m sure that David Hawkins would have been proud. I didn’t find any errors or typos, the paper was well-structured, the text was interspersed with just the right amount of quotes, and the reference list was clearly written, and not auto-generated. What’s more, my expert seemed to be a natural at APA style.

All in all, I was impressed, and in the end, the price was well worth paying. The plagiarism report I requested be sent with my paper proved what I already knew: my book review is 100% original.

Customer Care

As I mentioned earlier in my review, so far, I’ve only contacted the support team once. They called me back real quick (one more nod at their name). The person I talked to on the phone was polite, and seemed genuinely eager to answer my query about the plagiarism report.

Judging from that one-time conversation with their support staff, I’d assume they have professionals on the other end, both helpful and accommodating.

Complimentary Services and the Loyalty Program

QuickWriter offers quite a few complimentary services that you can look forward to. They include: a free draft, free 10-day revisions, a progressive delivery, and a free plagiarism report upon request. The company also boasts a comprehensive loyalty program based on cumulative spend. You enter this program automatically, right after placing your first order. For every dollar spent you get one bonus point.

While the loyalty program may only have 3 levels, each of them introduces a bigger – and more importantly, fixed (!) – discount. They will affect your subsequent papers when you have collected the required amount of bonus points for each discount level. The most you can get here is a lifelong 15% off.


I’m sure that once you’ve tried it, QuickWriter.com will become your go-to place for all things writing. There are 3 schools of writers to choose from: fluent speakers, native speakers, and the top 2% experts. Their prices may be a bit higher than you would expect from a regular writing service, and yet, the quality of writing is definitely worth the price. While someone on a tight budget might be on the fence and consider a different writing service, they will change their mind the moment they see their finished paper in all its glory.

Why This Service

Impeccable quality of documents and free services; 100% original content from the best experts; Individual approach to writing; A simple but effective loyalty program that allows you to significantly save on all future projects.