Miss the lost youth - Essay writing service review

Youth exists in a fantasy world.Take in the sun to the fullest and expand your own horizons of thought.The new sun sways the earth and never asks for anything from humans when it shines warmly from the east when you stand on the roof in the morning.Paying without thinking.Also what we want is this.I will be more excited about trying new things as the day begins.I set out toward my goal every day.I will smile and tell myself, “Come on, don’t give up,” regardless of whether I succeed or fail.Every day, both in the morning and in the evening, I am sustained by my dreams.
I can’t help but miss my youth when I see those young people moving about with gusto and vitality.Youth is intoxicating, both real and fictitious, full of joy and regret, sweetness and pain, like a dream.
I remember trying to figure out how to carry a Sanyo tape recorder with four speakers and wear a pair of chic flared trousers.Our young minds were once bound by the superficial purpose of life; our impulsivity prevented us from recognizing the reality; our wastefulness caused us to believe that everything was indifferent; our careless actions prevented us from seeing ourselves; our youth was in disarray, and the blind slowly wasted his youth.
In the hope that through my own struggles, I would create a brilliant future, I once traveled far in a winter with a cold wind, packed my bags, and walked out of my familiar home, far from the mountain that gave birth to me and raised me.life, and then returning home.However, the cruel realities of real life overshadowed the once noble sentiments.They were ultimately forced to return to their hometown with no luggage and feeling alone.Now that I think about it, I think that even though young people need dreams, we should give up arrogance and stubbornness, set clear goals, and be confident.
I slowly felt a surge of warmth as I opened the album of youth and saw the young people’s familiar faces.The years spent working as a lumberjack deep in the mountains are especially memorable.We all wanted to go to the same place and worked hard for more than three months to win the pacesetter chartered car group.At the conclusion of the year, we finally won it.There is a red flower on the certificate.Although those close friends from those eras are long gone today, their radiant smiles can still be seen on the album’s yellowing pages, and the unforgettable events of the past are still fresh in my mind.The ingredients in this memory aren’t as simple as they used to be, but the sane thoughts about youth are full of contrasting flavors.
I no longer find it comforting to listen to sad love songs or to write sad words when I miss my youth.We no longer feel the pain of past failures like falling in love and failing to start a business when we were younger.We are accustomed to the expression “a little pain is nothing,” but I have experienced the stubborn meaning of starting over.Youth is also used to summarize and comprehend, as well as to miss.
Life and youth can only be experienced once.I have to hold a long sigh as I look at the numerous men and women who are in my immediate vicinity and count the number of emotions they have experienced.Is there still such pride, sincerity, and a song and cry in the annihilated and displaced past, in the years like flowers and the youth like dreams? What have we done, what have we remembered?
I long for the days of our youth when we played together in the mountains, beside streams, and in ravines.I miss having playmates who are the same size as me, are just as naughty, are just as competitive, and are just as moody.Have your life’s ups and downs been uneventful for you all?Even though you may occasionally become enraged and argue, when you turn around, you will still be the brightest smile and closest friend.
In a split second, thoughts leap so far beyond the lines.After a busy day, it seems as though our youth is still moving at a snail’s pace in this gradual spring, and now we have to redo our eyebrows and makeup to recharge for the challenges that lie ahead.However, life is like this: even if you stop and stay, time will still turn you into historical dust as it moves through time and space.
There are a lot of feelings that can’t be explained in one’s life.Until the end of our lives, we will only ever have those most genuine feelings and green memories from our youth.