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Writing a dissertation is not a piece of cake? As this document is written for the partial fulfillment of the degree, you must have excellent writing & researching skills to bring perfection to the task. Moreover, you need to spend a sufficient amount of time to make it happen. If you are reading this article, then it means you don’t have much time on hand to complete your dissertation. To help students like you who have to submit a dissertation in a week, we have brought here a step-by-step guide prepared by the best https://essaywritingservicereview.org
experts in the industry.
How to Complete a Dissertation in One Week?
“DAY 1”
Generate Ideas About the Topic & Collect Information
The first step is to generate ideas about the topic of your dissertation. In order to get the best thoughts, you need to expand the horizon of your thought process. It is essential to explore all the perspectives to get unique ideas. If you want to write about the topic from a perspective that has already been covered, then make sure to add something extra that can make your work unique. 
After coming with unique ideas about the topic, you should gather some facts, examples, and data to back your opinion. You can refer to reliable sources to collect information. Don’t forget to keep track of all the sources as you will need them at the time of preparing a bibliography. Never manipulate the ideas of other authors or present false information to convince readers to agree to your point of view.
“DAY 2”
Make an Outline for the Dissertation & Start Writing
It’s time you make an outline for your dissertation. Divide the dissertation into different parts, such as Dissertation Abstract, Dissertation Introduction, Dissertation Literature Review, Dissertation Methodology, Dissertation Analysis & Result, Dissertation Discussion & Conclusion, and Dissertation Bibliography.
After this, start writing the dissertation abstract which includes objective, problem statement, research question, methodology, result, conclusion, and recommendations or suggestions. Writing the proposal takes a lot of time, so you can write the introduction as well on the same day. The introduction should provide general background details, make the focus of the study clear, and highlight the importance of the research. It should also outline the research aims and objectives.
“DAY 3”
Write Literature Review and Methodology
On the day three, you should begin writing the literature. The general word count of this section is 2,500, so you might take more than half of the day to complete it. Once you are done with this section, you should begin with the methodology. It is a 2,000-word section, so try writing just the half section on the same day.
For the literature review, you should use a formal and comprehensive writing style as this section give an overview of the theories and philosophies. If you use complex style and tone, then the readers would not get the idea what your topic is trying to prove, and ultimately, then will lose interest in the work. Similarly, when writing the dissertation methodology, you should use a clear tone so that readers understand what qualitative and quantitative methods you have used to gather data.
“DAY 4”
Complete Methodology & Begin Analysis & Results
Complete the dissertation methodology section on the next day and then start writing the analysis and results. Be very focused while writing this section as it contains all the results and analysis that you have obtained after conducting research. You might get bored and frustrated while writing this section as it is 3,000-words long. So, you should take small breaks in between to keep yourself refreshed and enthusiastic.
“DAY 5”
Conclude the Dissertation & Prepare Bibliography
Now come the discussion and conclusion part. It won’t take much time as you only need to present the important concepts related to the research question and wind up your arguments. You need to restate everything that you presented throughout the dissertation. Once you are done with this section, it’s time to cite all the sources from where you have obtained information for your dissertation. Make sure to draft the bibliography in the referencing style as suggested by the university.
“DAY 6”
Polish the Work
Once the final draft is completed, you need to revise it to make it flawless. Look for the grammatical errors, spelling slip-ups, poor sentence structure, and punctuation mistakes and rectify them properly. Check for the flow of information throughout the dissertation and ensure there is a smooth transition between each paragraph.
You should also ask a few questions to yourself to make sure that everything is up to the mark.
Is the main point of my topic clear?
Did I introduce the dissertation properly?
Is the ending giving proper closure?
Have I provided enough evidence to back my opinion?
Are the analysis & results what I had expected?
Have I cited all the sources properly?
“DAY 7”
Print Your Dissertation
After ensuring that everything is on point, it’s time to print your dissertation. Arrange your work in an organized way so that you get everything right. Also, take care of the formatting when printing and use the best quality paper.
YAY! You completed the dissertation in a week and are all set to submit it to the professor the next day. Everything is possible if you put in your all-out efforts. However, it is suggested not to leave your work for the last minute as sometimes it can land you into trouble. All the best!